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Rogue Energy Services offers a full range of facilities maintenance services throughout Texas and New Mexico.

We are here to support your needs for well-maintained, efficient and safe operations, reduce repair and maintenance costs, improve uptime and increase the value of your assets.



Facility maintenance & services


We monitor our clients’ equipment regularly to ensure its continued optimal operation. We also identify any potential areas of premature failure. This enables us to improve the awareness of our clients’ essential personnel, including topside engineers, technical and operational personnel.

We support the management operations and planning for all associated activities of the operation & maintenance, integrity management, upgrades and the asset team. Our support is supplemented by risk management and Supply Chain Management.

We collaborate with our client’s Safety/Risk and Development Management teams to analyze your current operating conditions and develop a direction for long-term maintenance and capital improvement programs. Our proactive approach drives savings, safety, and business performance.

We assist in making timely decisions on key Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair objectives, choosing services, data acquisition, processing and interpretation, expectation management, and critical change management scenarios during construction or facility upgrades.


Rogue Energy provides innovative and impactful IMR strategies and solutions.

Benefits of an IMR Strategy:

  • Reduction in risk that is ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)
  • Maintain high operational standards to maximize production and reduce effects on the environment
  • Helps identify, plan for, and evaluate risk
  • Budget control solutions for operational activity that are simple, affordable, and innovative
  • Formulation of energy, technology, engineering, and environmental solutions needed to safely decommission and dismantle facilities
  • Generate high returns on the assets purchased by optimizing and maximizing production

We combine knowledge with experience to help companies optimize their oil and gas operations and exceed performance expectations involving:

  • Pipeline leak repairs
  • Plants, flow-stations and other operational sites
  • Mechanical trouble shooting and repairs
  • Tanks, storage facility and structural engineering
  • Facility integrity assessment tests
  • Corrosion/Cathodic Protection
  • Sand blasting and protective coatings

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